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Al-Maun-Small Kindness; A charitable non-profit organization has been shaped by Allah’s permission to give a helping hand to the deprived in the most potential way. Be it by enhancing an Islamic structure, building it from scratch or giving a fraction of resources for rental help, utility assistance, supplying emergency food, attire and the like.

We also aim to provide Islamic reading material for imprisoned Muslims (male & female) through our prison outreach program on an uninterrupted basis, in addition to our other projects, referrals and resources.

Although we will do our best to support you, we cannot guarantee that you will receive financial support, and all sustenance is from Allah subhana' wa t'ala.

Al-Maun consists of a group of concerned people who are upon the way of their Pious Predecessors and who also believe:

“We want for our sisters & brothers in religion what we want for ourselves. Our aim is to provide an Islamic resource to help in any small way we can to ease the conditions of those in need, and all success comes from Allah, Highly Exalted is He.”

The members of the Al-Maun group are based in Mombasa, Kenya with complete intention to aid the society with their needs, not only through financial assistance, donated goods and resources, but by also giving support to have endurance and total dependence on Allah in their time of tests and trials.
As only Allah is the One All able of rectifying their affairs and sending His Bounty to them.

Al-Maun visit to the GK Prison for Food Distribution

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